Cameras in clubs?


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I know this question probably gets asked every year but the answer probably changes every year too.

Is it ok to take cameras into the clubs?

The first time I went to Ibiza this was a no no, with warnings that cameras would be confiscated by the bouncers and held in unsecure storage to be collected later.

But these days every phone has a camera and many of them have good camera in them. It would seem unfeasible to take everyone’s phone and camera off them on entry into the club.
They defo dont take your phone off you. I didnt get searched once last year in Space,Amnesia or anywhere. I was in Space takin pictures on my phone no problem infront of the doormen. Dont think thats a good idea though so take ya phone by all means just be carefull about it around doormen as ive heard few storys of people bein thrown out the club or getting a telling off
you need to be realistic

how many clubs are going to confiscate hundreds of phones? it isn't feasible

they're ultimately nervous about unwelcome finger-down-throat shots appearing in public but if they can see you're just taking group shots of your mates pouting they won't give a $hit.
Re: cameras - It also depends on the club.
Amnesia, Space and Privilege have specific no-camera policies.
Pacha and DC10 don't really, and neither do the various beach clubs.

Since we're one the subject (yet again!), one does wonder how much longer they can keep up this policy.

My latest phone has 5 mpx, autofocus, and a flash... about the same specs as my first pocket digital camera that nearly got confiscated in Space in '03 :lol: Surely, they're not going to start confiscating people's cell phones so, with the advance of technology, this must be an unsustainable policy?
This was at Amnesia 2009.

They usually take your cam from you and charge you like E5 to get it back..

But I snuck mine it, and had no problem with taking pictures.

But we shouldn't let taking pictures distract us from dancing and enjoying the moment.
that´s why the better clubs have snipers this year
which shoot every halfwit ****ing around with a camera without warning ...
I generally agree... people running around with their cameras recording videos and photographing everything that moves do seem to miss the point of enjoying the party, music, etc.

That said, sometimes it's nice to have a couple of photos from a particular party or night out. Just for memory's sake... especially as one's memory starts to fade :lol:

US nightclub bans photographers

It’s hard to imagine the weekend rolling around and getting down to your club
of choice only find not one nightclub photographer out there on the floor,
snapping away at the happy punters.

Indeed, the inthemix photo galleries section would look like a tumbleweed junction
were it not for flash-toting contributors!
Yet for any US clubbers rocking up to new Washington night spot, U Street Music Hall,
that’s exactly what you’ll find, as photographers have been barred
from shooting at the venue.

As reported by The Washington Post, U Street Music Hall has been set up
by co-owners Will Eastman and globe-trotting DJ Tittsworth with an optimum
clubbing experience at its core, promising a “no-frills dance club . . . no attitude,
no bottle service, no velvet rope, no bull”.

According to the article and its club profile, Tittsworth and Eastman
have been overrun by the rash of party photographers out there,
taking the decision to stamp them out for their U Street club.

“I’ve been to countless cities, coast to coast, where photographers will create
these false moments by antagonizing people, getting women maybe with low
self-esteem to expose themselves, or antagonize guys to be more aggressive. . . .
It creates a manufactured moment that looks crazier than it was,”
Tittsworth said in the interview. “We really want to encourage people to not give
a [expletive] about how they look and just enjoy the moment”.

What’re your thoughts on the matter?
Is it a total non-event and unfair on the photographers out there who’re adding
to the atmosphere of the club?
Or have you experienced something similar out in the local nightclub scene?
Drop a comment and share your thoughts.

wtf - since when are photographers "adding to the atmosphere" of a club ?????

(sign in amnesia some years ago. no idea if it´s still there)
they will be banning these babies next...

glasses with built in video camera !! only £894 (i kid you not!!)