Calling All LONDON Clubbers!


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Jamese75 & Rustywoo would like to invite all London clubbers to a post-Ibiza reunion here in the capital.

This would probably take place during October (when everyone is likely to be back) and involve meeting up in a pub for a few drinks and a chat before heading out clubbing for the night to show London a little slice of Ibiza!

We are thinking that this would be on a Saturday night and probably involve a trip to Fabric, although all ideas are welcome!

I'm sure we don't need to point out that this would be a great opportunity to meet up with people who have had similar experiences to you and get to know the people behind the posts.

So, if you're interested, leave a message on this topic and/ or pm either rustywoo or myself and we can try to organise the logistics of getting everyone out and about.

J & R
I'll be there. Have just come back and am feeling very sorry for myself... A reunion party could be just what I need to cheer me up!!!
Sorry to break in your thread ...
anybody knows what happened to HOME
, Leicester Sq. ?

Thanx for any help

That's ok. It was closed down due to drug problems- not enuff perhaps?

I think there's another company using the venue, but not the same thing really!
TNX jamese75 ...
I was just wondering.
Walking around and then... closed ...
Some famous place 4 me which i only knew closed...
count me in as well.

As another suggestion how about the Cross - Seb Fontaine's night in particular. The outside terrace could be slightly reminiscent of those Ibiza nights.
Thanks for the suggestion YvonneH. Good to have some input.

Personally, I have never been to the Cross, but I am aware that it is quite small and that they have quite a strict dress-code which isn't to my liking. Of course, I'm happy to go with whatever everyone wants.

I go to Fabric quite a lot and find it's big enough to express yourself and there's a range of music to suit different tastes.

However, there's always Turnmills- Tom Stephan has his dirty house night there, or The End have The Underwater Sessions there with Darren Emerson too.

Those are my thoughts anyway.

Any other opinions folks?
I am hitting London next week and was wondering how Fabric was since you were talking about it- Carl Cox is supposed to be there on 8/31- :D
Can't recommend Fabric enough. I go there every couple of weeks and have done for over a year.

The music is Tech house on Saturdays and more DnB, breakbeat funk on Fridays.

For a big club (3000 capacity), it has a real friendly, small club feel and there's plenty of space to dance (except when Carl Cox is on).

As stated, the Carl Cox night is bound to be really busy. Usually, the club uses residents from a wide spectrum, many of who I'd never heard of before, but the quality is good.

Do go, check it out and talk to people. Oh, and look out for the speakers in under the dancefloor in room one. You can't avoid being picked up by the beat in there.

For more info on DJs, listings etc... see:
Do you recommend getting a taxi to go to Fabric- we will be coming from the Piccadilly area of London. Oh and is there an age limit?

Thanks for your help. ;)
I wouldn't get taxis anywhere in London- bloody rip-off. When you arrive, the tube will still be operating, so go to Farringdon, turn left out of the station and follow the road up to fabric (the road curls slightly to the right).

Fabric is at the end of that road on the corner on the right hand side. It's only about 2-3 minutes.

The age limit is 18, as with all other clubs, although you are unlikely to get any problems if you're about this age. Security is generally friendly and helpful, not oppressive.

As for leaving, if you stay until 7am, the tubes will be running on Saturday morning. However, any earlier than that and there's a taxi rank, which is well operated and all drivers are vetted by the club. You will be given a price for your destination before you get in.

If you want to investigate transport methods, you are best to ring London Transport on : 020 7222 1234. There are some problems on the line to Farringdon from the Kings Cross direction, but the people at London Transport will be able to direct you.

Enjoy it!!!
Here are the details for Fabric, Saturday nights in October.

5th Oct

Room 1
DJ Heather
Craig Richards

Room 2
Dave Angel
Richard Grey
Terry Francis

Room 3
Adam Goldstone
Bill Brewster

12th Oct

Room 1
Deep C & Udoh
Craig Richards

Room 2
Terry Francis
Nathan Coles
Eddie Richards

Room 3

19th Oct (Fabric's 3rd Birthday Weekend)

Room 1
Metro Area (Live)
Josh Wink
Craig Richards
Terry Francis

Room 2
Pure Science (Live)
Lee Burridge

Room 3
Bill Brewster

26th Oct

Room 1
Craig Richards
Hipp-E & Halo

Room 2
Terry Francis

Room 3

The 3rd Birthday looks good and I think I'll get down there for that. How's everyone else fixed for that date?

The club's been getting great reviews recently from new visitors, so I think this would be the best bet. The End don't have their listings for October up yet, but as soon as, I will post them here!

Oh, and it's never too late to join in folks. We're all nice people and there's no commitment! It'll give you a chance to laugh about some of the craziness on this forum at least?

You up for it ernesto???
3rd Birthday Weekend looks good like, Lee Burridge and SLAM are f***ing class!!! Not seen anyone else, but heard good things about Josh Wink and heard a bit of Craig Richards alongside Burridge but never on his own. And it's always good to hear new DJs/acts. Shame it's all the way down in London and I'm up in sunny Scotland. There may be a glimmer of hope however, never been to London and this may be a good oppertunity to check it out...
Craig Richards is on just about every week and is good. The music always starts quite slow and minimalistic, but gradually builds and rise through the set.

Terry Francis is also very good, using 3 decks throughout.

I've got every release in the Fabric and FabricLive CD series to date and the whole set is wicked. Nice to get some new music from some more unheard of names every month.

If you subscribe, they are sent to your door for only £7 each, which is a real bargain considering they're £15 in the high street.

Check out the site, with games, info on the regulars and staff at: