Cala Moli



I've rented a villa in Cala Moli, and I was wondering if anyone here could tell me something about it. What type of beach is it? Are there any restaurants/bars?

Any feedback would be much appreciated!
it's a tiny wee cove with one, possibly two bars on it. in days of yore (but maybe not now) it was a favourite boat trip destination for club 18 -30 where they would play games and have a barbecue. apart from that it's a nice quiet place with lots of super property around. quite narrow windy roads that make it a bit out of the way.

does that help
That's very helpful, Stephen. Sounds like exactly what we're looking for...a nice serene place to chill during the day before clubbing at night! I'm glad it has at least one bar, that's always a nice amenity. Our place, apparently, has a pathway that winds down to the beach, so that's cool.

Anyone else have an opinion?
stephen said:
it's a tiny wee cove

true!! :D


stephen said:
it was a favourite boat trip destination for club 18 -30 where they would play games and have a barbecue. apart from that it's a nice quiet place

watch out - the club 18-30 boat arrived!! :eek:



Where'd you get those pics? I think I might actually be able to see our villa in one of them! Do you know where there might be more pics?
McRackin... i'm actually goin through all your posts at the minute to see what places i wanna check out.
I leave tomorrow, can't wait!!
Hate to put the come-down on this but I went to Cala Moli last week and the 18-30 mob were ther in force. Pinky-fleshed pissed Brits dancin round the pool to cheesey tunes.

However, guess that it's only used once or twice a week by this mob. At all other times it's a stunning cove beach, and there a little cave on the other side of the bay that you can swim over to.

You're also close to Cala Vedella, Bassa, Conta etc
I didnt like the rocks and sand there, and the slimy stones in the water + the small fish....I prefer Calla Jondal, Calla Conta more and sand and clear water type of girlie! ;)
I-G, the water in Cala Molí is one of the clearest I've ever seen around the island, because there's no much sand on it. It's a very gorgeous cove and good for snorkelling.

By the way, they apparently set up daytime parties at the pool of the restaurant (see the pool on one of those pics).
well the cove is nice but i didnt like the water...what i find to be crystalclear water is the water on Calla Bassa for THATS beautiful, maybe because it has sand on the bottom. I dont like rocks, makes the water too dark - and they had a lot of small fish at Cala Moli: frekas me OUT! haha!
Cala Vadella the next bay south is much nicer (clean sand and clear water) although because it's bigger and better, more people go there.

The restaurant at the back of cala moli beach has a nice swimming pool if you don't like swimming above stones.