Cafe Del Mar

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Whats Cafe del Mar like?
Does it have a dance floor?
What time does it open / shut?
Are drinks pricey like in the big clubs?
I'm going for my first time one week today & cant wait!
it's a bar on the sunset stripe it opens at midday i think probably closes at about 2 or 3 in the morning u won't need a dancefloor and the drinks are not as pricey as clubs but still a tad expensive
NITEFLY I agree, but the place is a legend and must be seen, the drinks are fairly pricey but the atmospheres good and the place outside is really cool....them usic is obviously good, (hear the series of compilations) and just around the corner they have thier own store where you can buy stuff....
It looks pretty impressive inside, if a little dated now. The best thing to do is sit on the tables outside or on the rocks to have a drink (especially when the sun is setting).

Drinks are pretty expensive too, but they all are in the bars along the sunset strip due to location and popularity.
I know the 'sunset strip' can get criticised for attracting too many people and so on... but I think that is one of its qualities. Ok.. I know some of you are gonna say that somewhere secluded is good, but I like the fact that so many people gather to watch such a thing. For how many people are there the place is so quite-just my opinion i have to add, i know others would disagree.

Sitting outside Cafe del Mar last year, a chill out version of Energy 52 'Cafe del Mar' got played-thought that was great! Was a very happy time :)
The first time we went there I was disappointed with the size of the place, I thought it was going to be a lot bigger than it was. But we sat down and stayed for a drink and now have been going back year after year.

No there isn’t a dance floor but the music is very layed back, not the sort of stuff you can get down to.

The best time to get there is about 60 minuets before the sunsets. Get a table outside, facing the sunset.

If you like C.D.M. try Savana’s next door as cheaper for drinks or Coastline down the road, it’s abit more pricie but it’s well nice!
Cafe Del Mar was good to just say "I was at Cafe Del Mar." It's tied for third place outta 3 for sunset strip.

1. Coastline Cafe
2. Cafe Mambo
3. Savannah/Cafe Del Mar
Cafe Del Mar is number 1. Cannot be beaten. The best chill out music on the island and the most relaxing atmosphere. I ensure I go every night when in Ibiza and chill with the crowds on the beach. Heaven!
cafe del mar's interior is very extravagant, but don't change it unless its broken.

and it certainly ain't broken yet...
Its not that good. It's been over taken by the rest of the strip imo. Bar M and Itica are by far better at the other end of san an. The sunsets from the cafe del mar are pretty amazing though. But take your own drinks and just sit on the rocks out front, its cheaper. 8)
Pah .. tis a shame ... Cafe Del Mar was the only "strange and wonderful" bar there when I frequented Ibiza ...... (body bits coming out of the ceiling ... are they still there?

Oh ... we Reps of that time had a particular bar we used to keep secret from the "punters" ... Project Bar ... dunno if it's still there ...
were you a rep in ibiza then saffy???

wicked!! I like the idea of doing it but don't think i could hack the pace :confused:
saffy, you were there back in the day when it all kicked of then with open air clubs!!!

that must have been amazing.

i was looking the pics in the mixmag ibiza edition....
Yup .. indeed I was .... and (picking up the brochure today) I see they STILL do the same Hotel I worked .. The Apolo!

Maybe things are different today .. but back then we didnt get a day off and your day didnt end till everyone went home ...

I hacked it till the end of the season then finished off at Ku Club ... and ended up having to come home because I was ill.