Buying Property in Ibiza


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ultimately for politicians and voters to determine but my point still stands. You have to have controls because it's a small island with a delicate ecosystem with interdependent communities. If you price people out, it's a recipe for social chaos and eventual anger.

re: forum, yes an awkward topic, esp the env aspect of mass tourism, but I don't preach at anyone. I just try to support local wherever I can.
I actually agree that it's a problem. I actually live with same issues in a different location.

Only saying there are always unintended consequences to changes that need to be considered.



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personally I think the super rich should be burnt at the stake and their lamborghinis sold for scrap. As for the properties themselves turn them into adventure playgrounds, subsidised hostels, or community centres. Give Ibiza back to the people.
But they just won't do that and they never will.