Brexit rules for Brits travelling to the EU/EEA

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Border control: you may have to show your return ticket and money
At border control, you may need to:
  • show a return or onward ticket
  • show you have enough money for your stay
  • use separate lanes from EU, EEA and Swiss citizens when queueing
From the government's official site - no mention of ETIAS but in any case, be prepared for queues on arrival as we are thoroughly checked. Although to be honest I can't see the Ibizan authorities being half-bothered by a Ryanair-load of holidaymakers swanning up in shorts and flip-flops.


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the ibiza authorities are not involved in border control, that's a national matter.


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Little point speculating on this now since we don't know how the withdrawal agreement will look like.

If they do agree on anything, it can very well include easier travel. But Brits going to work on Ibiza will probably need a work permit in the future.


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No but it’s a forum for anyone that travels to Ibiza so surely everyone is welcome to post and ask for or offer advice?

you also don’t have to read it if it’s not something that is of interest to you.
its been pointed out by others now that this isn't the first time Brits have been singled out by ones posts ..must be some kind of an issue:rolleyes:


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its been pointed out by others now that this isn't the first time Brits have been singled out by ones posts ..must be some kind of an issue:rolleyes:
I think you are right I think possible they are just trying to get a reaction.


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the new rule is a real shitter for my girlfriend who I live with. Were she to leave Spain on a trip, I genuinely don't know how she would get back into Spain? The criteria seems similar to NIE rules. Unless you're sponsored, you have to have a lot of cash in the bank...


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I think after putting most of Europe’s nose out of joint over the centuries, English people never expect any love from the continent. We see this every year at the Eurovision. We’ll never see another Katrina & The Waves again 😢

Plus it’s nothing new mate, the English have been trashing Spain since the 16th century. It’s always been a favourite jolly boys outing for us, a bit of a tradition if you will. :D

The Cadiz expedition of 1625 was a notable one. Amongst many other great errors of leadership, this one always sticks in my mind:

“When Cecil landed his forces, they realised that they had no food or drink with them. Cecil then made the foolish decision to allow the men to drink from the wine vats found in the local houses. A wave of drunkenness ensued, with few or none of Cecil's force remaining sober. Realizing what he had done, Cecil took the only course left open to him and ordered that the men return to their ships and retreat.When the Spanish army arrived, they found over 1,000 English soldiers still drunk; although every man was armed, not a single shot was fired as the Spanish put them all to the sword.“

Sound familiar?

We used to enjoy having a good ding dong with the French too, but I think our relationship reached a bit of a middle aged stalemate and we went our separate ways like some sort of sad divorce. The French looking to Northern Africa for their jollies and the British chasing up the great game in the Middle East.

Of course we came to Germany too, more recently, but it’s just not as much fun. Maybe it’s the weather? Or the locals? Or all the rules?

Of course, full reparations have been made to Spain over the years by extensively supporting their tourism industry :D👍💶
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