bora bora new club opening for 2004



A friend of mine from Austria told me that the bar manager, I think his name is Rafa,told him that next year the big blue glass building at Bora Bora is going to open as a new club.Wou :eek: imagine bora bora open all day and then party throught the night-how cool is that? 8) . I wonder if it would be free entrence also like the day time? :?:
...even more hours of dj Gee,can't complain about that :D :D :D
In 99, when Bora Bora was 24 hour and they didn't erect that horrid fence to keep everyone off the beach, that glass building was also a club.
It's ok inside too with loads of seating areas and upstairs bits.
They adopted a similar music policy to Space (of old), with funky music outside and a harder, trancier sound indoors.
The only reason I can think of for it closing down is because of competition from money making clubs (bora bora has always been free) so the noise complaints were used as an excuse. F***ing disco mafia b*stards!!
...oh and by the way, the space is still there, I think they use it for storage (stacking chairs etc).
Blimey! Didn't know that. I was wrong! :oops:

How do you get inside, is it as you look at BB down to the back right? :confused:
:x Have they put a fence up between Bora Bora and the beach then? Anyone got a photo????
They put a fence up between about 8pm and when BB closes around midnight. Dont climb over it or the security beat the poo out of you as we saw happen to one poor young lad :evil:
But you can still sit on the beach with your own booze and listen to the music whilst having a boogie on the beach.
kitten's head said:
But you can still sit on the beach with your own booze and listen to the music whilst having a boogie on the beach.

We done that this year for a few hours while having a break from space. Got eaten alive my moskitos though.
It was much better without it.
Bora Bora used to have that really chaotic, unorganised feel about it but now you're fenced in it's much less like a beach party. :(
Still wicked though.
You get into the glass building bit through a door in the front.
yes thats right doors at the front, looks like my office at work, not as livley though :cry: . They got a music leicence for next year now i think, so they can open for real this time. once your on the tables you don't notice the blue fence, especially if your off your head :twisted: :rolleyes: wonder if you can dance on the tables in the new club :?:
I onlly remember my first year on Ibiza with Bora Bora. They had really big speakers outside and in the opening to the glass building was the DJ spnning.

The years after it those big speakers (with the banging sounds) were gone and replaced for smaller speakers and less volume...
dia said:
even more hours of dj Gee,can't complain about that