BORA BORA COMP Summer Season: Volka Racho - Never Too Late (may09)

01: Jamc Groove: Midnight (Manuel Tur & Dplay Remix)
02: Nick Curly: 4711 + Buscando
03: Lauhaus: Soulshine
04: Gorge: Garuna
05: Chris Lattner: ...Of You
06: Dyed Soundorom: Love Juice
07: Hermanez: Marrakech (MartinezBig-Bad-Da-Boom Remix) + The Legend of Papachongo
08: Noze: You Have To Dance (Mathias Kaden's Beatpolka Remix)
09: George Kranz: Din Daa Daa (Franky Boissy Remix)
10: Claude VonStroke: Deep Throat (DJ Sneak Remix)
11: Alex Celler: La Palma + Sweet Sweet Musik
12: Ray Okpara: Snice + Bodega Queen
13: Prompt: Salix
14: Lee Van Dowski: La Pattata
15: Somore: I Refuse (Phil Weeks Remix)
16: Outro: Dance On
Thoroughly enjoyable deep house mix with a very good track selection. The sound levels seemed a bit up and down I thought however. That might have been my dodgy ears though! :)
yep, i loved this. second half especially, had a really classic house feel to it.

4 out of 5;)
A good all round mix, one thing is though its lacking something, cant put my finger on it. You need to break it up a little, drop something a little different in there try double decking or something to experiment with your tunes.

Good though 4/5
i dont know man

hey maybe i just misunderstood what they wanted or somthing i am not trying to diss your music but that **** is really weak it makes me want to go to sleep i thought this was all about rocking a crowd
daniel.ellerin I know what u mean, I like this mix though its going to be up there at the end.

Try mine and see what u think, bit more umf!

Don't get me wrong though I like this set, suppose its what time you listen to it, mid day or mid night or 5.54am not knowing what day it is....