best romantic spot


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....just outside Kumharas, or actually...just next to it - there is an area of rocks where one can sit and have a drink with one´s loved-one....I did this last year and watched the sunset all alone with my husband - was heavenly! :D no people were around and we felt like the only people on the island!

Finding a secluded beach to go have some action ;)

recommandations, anyone!?
I'm eager to get any tips on your last query IG too . . .now that would be lovely ;) . . . .I need an alfresco Ibizan 'adventure' to add to my small but treasured collection of English ones :oops:

I know the rocks you mean. I sat down there with a San Mig, a smile and a gorgeously flighty, untroubled mind while a lady was fire twirling behind me in Kumharas

Its also good sitting in the place too . . .Sangria to die for. But then I get the feeling you would now that already :)
Havent eally explored the isalnd much to give a good recomendation, but i did enjoy a great sunset 2 years ago with a girl i'd just met up abit from the sunset strip area, where there was no crowds... :D :D
es vedra.

es caliu (restaurant)

some secluded beach whilst watching the sunset - just the two of u.
Ohhhhhh nooooooooo. Ya'll be findin sand in ya bikini fer days if ya do that!!! lmao - S'ok, im not a prude really Actually the beach at Cala d'hort is pretty special at sunset......its quiet enough in the day so evening......Amazing views of Es Vedra too - Fantastic
<--- 8)