BBC TV seeks holidaymakers!!



BBC Television is making a fun-filled documentary revealing how going on holiday can affect your body. How do you get a tan? Why does jet lag affect you? And can being in the sunshine and having a few holiday drinks really make you let your guard down when it comes to the opposite sex?

We're looking for outgoing friends aged 18-35 who have either already booked their holiday or are planning to book a holiday any time between 21st APRIL and 17th MAY this year. PLEASE NOTE: we cannot offer to pay for your holiday. We would like to meet up with you during your holiday and film various bits of it. You'll certainly end up with a holiday video to remember! If you're interested in finding out more and are either a) dedicated sun-worshippers, b) a group of friends up for a partying holiday or c) a young family, PLEASE email me at: for more information (no obligation!). Thankyou.

It seems to me that you are leaving yourself wide open to accusations of "ageism" and if you continue in your restricted view of life, I hope your efforts never see the light of day. Contrary to popular belief, people do not die at 35!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
whats with the attitute Tony?

has allison hit a raw nerve? :lol:

if im still alive after years of partying!!

i just think people take things too seriously!

i just go with the flo!

seriously easygoing!

mandy - I just wanted to point out to the bbc that Ibiza is an island for all ages and it is a shame that most programmes concentrate on the younger element, usually in lurid detail. At least they say they are going to include young families which is a step in the right direction - Ibiza has had enough bad publicity.
Dear Tony,

Please for a moment don't think that we are trying to be ageist - having spent quite a bit of time on Ibiza myself I know that the island is full of holidaymakers of all ages. However, the documentary series we are making - "Body Hits" - revealing the science of how different lifestyles and experiences affect your body - goes out on BBC3, the new digital channel aimed at an audience aged 18-35. So in requesting people to take part in our programme who fall into that age group, I'm just trying to make sure that the content of the programme suits our intended audience! We are certainly not trying to say that Ibiza is just full of young ravers - honest!

I hope that clears things up a bit.

PS. Thanks for the offer, Boxter, but I've got to get this programme finished by June!
It will probably be broadcast in June, although we don't know the exact date yet. Sure you and your mates don't want to go to Ibiza just after Easter instead of August?!
Oh well - never mind, hope you have a great holiday, Boxter.

There must be some other peole out there who are up for taking part in our programme... (she said hopefully....)
cheers, dont worry im sure theres gotta be some people here that are going when you need them.

come on peeps help her out ;)
no good to you.

will be in ibiza in june would be willing to take part but will not be around for the date you are looking for.
Thanks for the offer ksixty9, but sadly we really are restricted to filming only between the dates in my original post - ie. April 21st to May 17th.
sadly, allison the type of person you are looking for - and i've seen your programme about ecstasy, cocaine and hash, - doesn't normally visit ibiza in those dates.
it's full of people just like me and tony.
wouldn't islington be a better choice for you?
Stephen - you're right, there was one programme in the last series of Body Hits about drugs (as well as five others on completely different topics). The episode we're making now is not focussing on drug use at all, it's looking at how people feel and behave when they're on holiday together and the things they encounter like jet lag, sun, mozzies etc etc. Obviously people do take drugs when they're on holiday but that's not what we're interested in including in this programme. I find it hard to believe that there are no young people up for a good lively holiday in Ibiza over Easter and the period just after.

As for your comment about Islington - you seem to think our angle is something which it really just isn't, which is a shame. This is a genuine request and I'm just sorry you feel so negatively towards it.

I appreciate you taking time to explain but the program and your salary is paid for by the licence payer so should reflect all ages of holidaymaker ( in fact lean towards the older element as it is those who do actually pay for and watch TV) - as far as I am aware, the subjects of your program ie jetlag, the sun, mozzies etc do not differentiate by age so why should you.
I shall be there during that period and will be eating, drinking and enjoying life but fall way outside your requirements - oh dear what a shame, never mind.
One of the difficulties of making TV programmes (as with any other forms of media) is that you can't please all of the people all of the time. I'm really sorry that you and Stephen have been upset by my request as it was in no way meant to cause any offence.

As you clearly have pretty strong feelings about ageism in BBC programmes, may I suggest that you contact the BBC Audience Department to give your comments officially? You can call 0870 100 222 (national rate number) or you can e-mail: