Bambuddha Grove???


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Is if far from San An, will a taxi cost me loads??

Taking my husband and and girly friend there for a meal one evening.
Shouldn't take too long - its kind of in the middle of the island between Santa Eulalia and Ibiza Town (kind of). Nice setting.

However well worth the time to go....we had a great meal there last year with a big group of us....the ambience is lovely as its set in a real pagoda style building and its what you would expect from a top Ibizan restaurant.
Bar is very nice as well and when you walk in there are people dressed up as Budhas amongst the really tall bamboo that you walk through.

You will love it - overall its very well done. ;)
(they did a live set of chilled music when we were eating too which was v cool)
i know someone who went there in may and said that it was the worst meal they have ever had in ibiza.

hellishy expensive, and small portions.

you schould definately go! The place is BEAUTIFUL beyond belief, very oriental style, so is the cooking and the food was GREAT! Cant believe that someone didn´t have a decent meal there! Anyway.....

Check out the homepage for reservations, i have a table booked there for 10 people on the 7th of August, lovelyyyy!!!!
No problem, make a reservation at the homepage, then they´ll confirm your reservation via email - to be safe and sure, print the reservation confirmation and bring it with you to the restaurant! have funnnnn!!!!
why not try the banyan palace in cala de bou?

convenient, and totally genuine..............