Balearic, Chill Out & Sunset Music

Kim Wrong Un

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latest from the Claremont 56 label

a new-ish band called Bel, putting out some nice stuff

*my UK sources inform me quite a few interesting things happening in Margate these days...

Kim Wrong Un

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new fave indoor venue in BCN is probably NICA - fantastic programming at the moment.

an old buddy, Brian Morrison (aka Brian Not Brian) from Belfast via Brixton played a fantastic set on Friday including this timeless orgasm of a tune

on Wednesday they're doing a KLF chillout album listening night which should be interesting after work!

Kim Wrong Un

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went to a album listening night yesterday - this seminal piece of ambience

was certainly a bit strange experiencing it in a bar with a load of people just out of work, instead of the stoners I used to knock about with in the 90s


Johnny Vodka

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A cover version. A bit more indie but still danceable!

There are also remixes of this cover, which are sounding good so far. I still can't get enough of this song, so any half decent cover or remix makes me excited. :twisted:
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Some of the albums I enjoyed while on the balcony and also while dreaming of the balcony in 2018... in no particular order:

Phil France - Circle
Calm - By Your Side
Club Meduse Compilation - by Charles Bals
Still Corners - Slow Air
Hear & Now - Aurora Baleare
Mildlife - Phase
Odeon - Galaxies
Shook - Bicycle Ride
Retiree - House or Home
Hubbabubbaclub - Drømmen Drømmerne Drømmer
Connan Mockasin - Jassbusters
Tony Allen & Jeff Mills - Tomorrow Comes the Harvest
James Bright - Pacific Bright EP
Alexis Georgopoulos - Fragments of a Season
Prins Emanuel - Diagonal Musik
Cave - Allways
Simon Mills - Harmonic Jigsaws
Alucidnation - Paracosmic
Pablo Color - La Calle Roja
Pacific Colosseum - Ocean City
Begin - Begin
Nu Guinea - Nuova Napoli
E Ruscha V - Who Are You
Metropolis - Metropolis
Domenique Dumont - Miniatures de Auto Rhythm
Mutual Benefit - Thunder Follows the Light
Bonny Doon - Longwave
Max Essa - Lanterns