Are There Dress Code???????



I will go to Ibiza on August
I have only one IMPORTANT question: are there dress code in the clubs????????? If yes, what I can and what I can't dress up???
mitch&lydia said:

Nike Rifts, lots of English blokes wear them clubbing. You'll know the ones I mean come in every colour under the sun, actually designed to be African running shoes where your big toe is separate from the rest of your toes and velcro fastening.
There isn't really a dress code in Ibiza, however it's especially funky, sexy, and stylish at night 8)

F.Y.I: Nike Rifts > The runners run in the Nike camp run along the Rift Valley in Kenya and hence the name Nike Rift.
and there was me thinking they was karate shoes. :D oh well.
i noticed the socks was mentioned earlier on!!!!!
well some places on some evenings are more stricks about it than others....personally i wouldnt wear trainers to any club whatsoever, but if it fits the outfit and so on, then go ahead! feel free, its Ibiza, Island Of Hedonism!
strictly Converse for those ITK...

tho' not sure about a Chipe Poncho
the only dress codes i have seen are

most clubs - no football tops &

Es Paradis - for the water party, you cannot enter in just your swimwear - but you can change into it later!
well sometimes they are pickey and sometimes not, sometimes the sun shines sometimes it doesn´t - sómetimes...catch my drift?
I have never ever seen anyone turned away from club in Ibiza for dresscode, I even saw an Italian in Pacha once in a football shirt :eek: :p
Yes but italian football shirts look ok not tacky like British ones!
N8 said:
Yes but italian football shirts look ok not tacky like British ones!

You mean to tell me you won't be sporting Northampton Town football shirt on the Space terrace then :p ;)