Anyone from New York City???



Centro-fly has a sick lineup this week:

John Creamer / Stephanie K - thursday 10-17-2002
Roger Sanchez - friday 10-18-2002
Dave Seaman - Saturday 10-19-2002

and last thursday Timo Maas was spinning....
Those damned yankees. cant understand a blind word they say. just nod and smile, i find is the best way :rolleyes:
You brits really crack me up, i do the same for you mates.... ha ha.

nod your head....
I am from NYC... definitely thinking of going to check out Roger Sanchez. I saw him in Ibiza this summer, love his style.
i've only been clubbing in NYC once. back in februrary me and mrs rustwoo decided to go to vynil to see mr tenaglia. we deciced to have a disco nap and to set off about 2am. imagine our surprise when we awoke and it was 8am. bollocks we thought.
all was saved when we decided to try exit (junior vasquez's place). arrived sunday at 6am. we were the only straight folks in there but the energy and vibe in there was amazing. vasquez aint bad for an old fella. quality night out
im from ny and we are finally getting out act together again....

we got pvd, carl cox, tiesto, and sasha hitting roxy in the next few weeks and then there is centro fly with its ill lineup.....
Between Roxy, ARC(vinyl) and Centro-fly, it seems NYC is getting back to the old Twilo days..
i just saw we now have

Armen van burren
Ferry corsten and
Marco V all condirmed as well.....

NYC is def the spot for the winter
I was in NYC in Jan. Superb place. Club wise, went 2 Roxy, Limelight, Splash....and ermmmm thats in....was only there 4 the weekend.
I'm in NYC like twice a month nowadays. Is there a website with a listing of all the DJs at all the clubs?
Yes, NYC has been blessed with many amazing DJs recently...and more to come! You can also try:

Did anyone get a chance to check PVD out last Friday at the Roxy? He was AMAZING as usual!!! Definitely comparable to the nights of Twilo... rumor has it that he will be spinning at Exit for New Year's Eve with Junior Vasquez...
can any of u brooklyn-ites tell me if joey beltram is still alive and if so whats he doin and espescially any new cd's/ mixes i can grab from shop/net? fave,

cheers! :D
I'll be back in town this weekend. hopefully checking out Steve Lawler on Saturday night.