Another Warning while im here!!!African women(Not All!)


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There is a group of African women (A female version of Lookee Lookee men!) what they do is walk up to you take your hand make friends ask questions etc and then the put a bracelet on your arm!!! Tied with 15 knots! Offering you "good luck" from Africa- once the bracelet is firmly in place they demand money!!! Iv not been caught out but just be warned! just walk past ( Well run almost!) and say no thankyou firmly they get the message!! ;)
Hahah .. one of those ladies came up to me .. showed me this pic of this woman .. pointing at it and saying .. "You like?" ... FLIP ME, I thought she was offering me a lesbian session!
Good warning!
I was ripped off by those bitches last year outside Itaca.
I"m surprised they haven"t been turfed off the island by now.
I"m just packing & will be in paradise this time tomorrow! :p
The women are even worse than the men :twisted: I refuse to even acknowledge them, spitting on them is too good for them :p Fortunately you don't get any in Ibiza Town and fewer in Playa den Bossa, it's the ones outside Bar M etc that are the worse :twisted:
hehe reminds me of those women who tie a hairknot around your finger - supposedly for luck - and charge money for it once the knot is there! We almost got into a fight with 3 big mamas last year, as they tried to pull the trick on one of my friends........stupid b*tches
Haha, NEARLY got skanked by them...3 of them outside the orange corner, id just polished off a couple of cocktails and they came up to grabbed my wrist and started putting this bracelet on while the other two were harrassing my mate.

pulled my wrist away in time and told them to f*** off. Think they understood that bit!

:evil: :lol:
oh yeah, this might make you chuckle. This scouse lad staying in our apartments stole a gold chain from a lookee lookee man by the fountains!!

SUPERB :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Its the prostitutes outside Bar M in the early hours that are the worst, i mean come if any guy is going to!!!
they stea lyour stuff, whilst you are with someone I´veheard. They take your clothes outside and nick watches and stuff, blaming it on someone else........they are not to be trusted, don´t even think of communicating with any of them!
N8 said:
Its the prostitutes outside Bar M in the early hours that are the worst, i mean come if any guy is going to!!!

As if :confused: tho maybe the same kind of blokes that would walk into that same trap in Pacha :eek: :p :lol: ;)
They tried that on with me and my mate last year. Fortunately i knew what to expect and told her to take it off. She wouldn't so i started getting annoyed and she said Ok then tightened it some more. I just gave her a quick 'f*** off", ripped it off my finger and threw it on the floor.

I turned round to see my mate being swarmed by them and as i run up he had just handed them 10 Euro's and they were after 20! Cheeky sods. A bit of bloody string.
From what I know they are not as bad as they were 1 or 2 years ago as the police -god bless them :twisted: - are cracking down on them.

They are all a bunch or rip off artists and all have a place reserved for them in hell :!:
Hahaha they tried it on me and my mate last year behind the KFC/Pizza Hut place near Bar M. I gave them a few euro cents, my mate gave them a fag lighter and we both ran off lol! :lol: :lol: The big mama's chased us but they were too fat to keep up with us hehe :twisted:
the women

they are getting very pushie this year. stay well clear. if the even call you or more towards just ignore them.. best policy.
They done it to me outside KFC in the westend! She grabbed my wrist trying to pretend to make friends from me and tried to put this band on my wrist , but i bent her thumb back so hard she screamed and i told her to f**k off!

Them women and the african men who sell them sunglasses r so annoying! ARGH! :x
Barbie wrote

"As if tho maybe the same kind of blokes that would walk into that same trap in Pacha "

If that is a reference to my original post "friend makes drinks gaff in pacha" - it's a shame sharing an self depreciating tale for the amusement of others can be an invitation to slanderous comments. Anyway my friend who ordered the mega expensive wine is gay so i doubt he'd be interested in the ladies of the night.

disappointed in your attitude,
Yeah, got fleeced by them last year for 5 euros!!
They wanted more money, so I told her to f*** off and take a hike!!

She said something about bad luck on you bad englishman, but I just walked off!!

The lookee lookee ladies are best just avoided at all costs, I just cross the street or road, good tip for outside Bar M is too walk on the beach, they seem to have an aversion to sand!

Keep away from the men at all costs, I hear they carry knives!!

Maybe some day they will all feck orf!!
I don't condone violence myself but a couple of years back i watched 5 lookie lookie's get battered as they tried to hassle people outside bar M, aparently one of them had nicked a guys watch, his (much bigger) mates weren't having any of it and had a go at the thief so 4 more lookie lookie got in on the action. The guys all looked like rugby players and had no hassle finishing the lookie lookies off. 2 lookies pulled out knives which meant they got a harder wack.

The next day i thought the lookies would be less pushey but no they were the same (only badly bruised!)

Steer clear