ALL essential mixes 93-07

Have them already! Love these!

Everyone must download the first ever Farley and Heller '93 mix - it's one of my all time faves. 8)
you must have been at some of these, look at the dates and work out if it was live or a radio1 event or whatever.

from 98-02 i went to so many of the live events (creamfields, millennium, radio 1 in ibiza, other festivals, etc, etc). so obviously it is nice to have the soundtrack to go with those memories.

some of the carl cox ones in 99/00 are special. other than that, 1996 and before.
Download any of the Radio 1 in Ibiza OB's

Listening to the special 2006 "Decade in ibiza show" Now I want to be in Ibiza right now!!
(small note - most of the Ibiza essential mixes make TERRIBLE listening)

DC10 live one excluded though obviously!
totally disagree, especially if you were there.

Carl Cox/Pete Tong at Space in 2000 is OK but on the whole it's lots of annoying crowd noises and Judge Jules! :lol:

There were also a couple of gooduns from Pacha but the sound quality is shocking.