Air-conditioned room or not?


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Tossing up whether to get an air-conditioned room or not. Problem is, since i'm coming alone and cannot share the cost of accommodation, the difference in cost between a/c rooms and no a/c is quite great.

I will be there sept 5-14. Are the nights still hot or mild at this time of year?

I'm coming from Australia, so i am used to hot/humid summers.
It cools down in sep, it wont be any hottert than you're used to..........
i always manage without air con, just ahve a fan in your room instead

plus sleeping with aircon on is not good for you, gives your stiff joints and a cold!!!! :confused:

:D :p
well a fan is ok, but i would go for the aircon if its available, i almost melted last year and was panicking at one point cuz i couldnt breathe! it was horrible in those small rooms!
yer i been 3 years and stayed in real cheap places

every year i went in september and it was too hot to sleep on some nights
There is a major heat wave on in Ibiza at the moment which could continue until Sept. I'd go for a/c
I think it is also depending on how your room is situated. Last year I had a bedroom on the upper floor under a flat roof. With the sun on it during the day, I really missed a/c. But another year I had an appartment with airco, but I simply turned it off because it was too cold inside.

And I can't sleep with a/c... that annoying sound of it and makes your throat dry and that stuff..
This year i've got air con for a change, can't wait as in previous years in ibiza I havent been able to sleep. Specially after a night out and your trying to sleep about 11 when the heat is peaking
reckon wud b fine without, i went to cyprus last yr at abt 100 degrees and we never had air conditoning and i was fine at nights. iv sumtimes found air conditioning to be too cold but then agen thats me and am literally always cold! however the rest of my family seemed to b alrite without too, and since ur used to hot weather i doubt it will be a problem!
There's a good hostal in Figueretas that have single rooms with fan for E25, which I found to be good value a few weeks ago, will be going back there again in Sep. I just can't think of the name of it right now so I'll have to get back to u. Or pick up the Rough Guide to Ibiza, It's the first one recommended in the Ibiza Town-Figueretas section!
Defo get air-conditioned !

When i was out in ibiza in July staying at the Del Mar Studio's the heat was so uncomfortable , i found it hell to sleep.
figuertes hostal

The name of the place is Hostal Bimbi (ferr real !!). It's just behind the promenade at c/Ramón Muntaner 55 ; tel 0034 971 305 396

If you wanna pay a little more try Apartamentos Roselló just up the road on 0034 971 302 790. I lived here when I was writing the guide. Amazing place; about 75 euros a double !!
I would always go for a/c but never sleep with it on - I always whack it on full blast as I go out which makes the room great to come back to and kills off all our little flying friends and switch it off before kip - works for me
As great as air conditioning is I always find it gives me a really dry and sore throat so I cant go to sleep with it on.