After Parties are Dead......Long Live the After Party


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There is now an afterparty every week on Tuesday morning starting at 7am at Sands (Playa Den Bossa Beach)

We have a crew coming down from Cocoon (Amnesia), Sweedish House Mafia (Pacha), Purple Music (El Divino) & Arrival (Es Vive) so no matter where you are Monday night.... all roads lead to Sands!

There will be loads of different dj's dropping in every week & no doubt some very special unannounced guests from the above parties...... you just never know who may be down.....

Food, beer, coffee, sun, sea, sand, comfy sofa's & of course Groovy Deep House & Morning Minimal Techno.....

There will be a mini bus at Es Vive shipping everyone down to Sands at 6:30am also.

or are you going home to stare at the wall again.....?

i think not

see you there peeps
I'd love to see the guys face when he (thought he) had the eureka moment...

"I know...Why don't we do a party that goes on in the mornings, after the Monday night rave ups?...I've been to loads in London and Berlin, and they work so well, it'll surely be a huge hit?...Can't believe no-ones thought of this before, genius!"

Like that clip on Fantasy Football from years ago where the Egyptian National Footballer defends a free kick on the edge of his 18 yard box by running up to the (stationary) ball and hoofing upfield before the attacker has the chance to take it

Will defo be attending this if its still going in 2 weeks, ill be at cocoon on the 17th Aug so will see you at Sands the day after!!!

Is there an entry price?
Yer cant see it lasting very long if its getting advertised on message boards etc. Fingers crossed though!. Never been to sands wondering where it is
I think (but not sure) its a bit further down from Bora Bora towards the new Ushuiaia? Or I may be thinking of the old Ushuiaia, well someone on here will know anyway lol I'm turning up whatever I'll bring my ipod just incase lol
Me too the week after Uncle Sevo ...
too late - there will absolutely nothing going on then anymore
because Uncle_Sevo was way too noisy the week b4
and " the authorities" closed the place down :lol: :lol:
Actually I just thought of a great idea which would solve everything.... Silent after parties ... You know those parties where everyone takes their ipod? Can pick your own tunes and the authorities won't have to deal with noise pollution ... you can even listen to Dave Pearce dance anthems album without anyone knowing your not cool 8)
nobody on his right mind goes to ibiza
to visit a ****ing stupid ipod/"headphones"-party ...