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Discussion in 'International parties and clubs' started by moesalama, Jun 7, 2018.

  1. Nova

    Nova New Member

    I'm definitely going to Afterlife. I also have a ticket for DGTL's Thursday but I don't know if I will go there because it might be better to have a good rest for Saturday's 24-hour marathon..
  2. HappyAB

    HappyAB Active Member

    My personal picks...
    18.10. 909 with Chris Liebing and Speedy J
    19.10. Komm Schon Alter with Extrawelt, Miyagi, Einmusik...
    19.10. Into the woods with Roman flügel -> Usually a great party crowd
    19.10. Paradise with Dubfire, Jamie Jones, Richy Ahmed -> Probabbly packed as hell
    20.10. Circoloco with Seth troxler and The Martinez Brothers
    20.10. Solomun all night
    20.10. Pleinvrees with Oliver Koletzki, Andhim and Super Flu
    21.10. Awakenings by Day with Sven Väth and Luciano -> How is this not sold out yet?
  3. Nova

    Nova New Member

    Afterlife timetable, just.... WOW! Someone else going?

  4. Enjoy it lads!

    My work rotas have never fell on the right days to allow me to get across for ADE.

    Closest I’ve ever got to it was working on a rig out of Den Helder. On my way back to the UK, via schiphol, the airport was full of people also returning home after a couple of days of ADE.

    They looked utterly knackered in a good kind of way. How I envied them :lol:

    Have a good one :cool: not jealous much :(
  5. Char123

    Char123 Member

    Yeh we have a sunday ticket. going for 630 after the gashoulder wtih garnier and capraiti.

    I really wanna see how the dixon b2b with solomon will go.
  6. Nova

    Nova New Member

    I went to the Capriati night last year and had a great time. Gashouder is amazing!

    Regarding Afterlife, the plan is to be in before 21.00 (for Adriatique) and to keep it going as long as possible. At least until Dixon b2b Solomun.
  7. aregandj

    aregandj Active Member

    The Loft after hours event got announced recently and Solomun is playing the Sunday morning!! Sure tickets will be like gold dust but going to try my luck.

    Only thing I've noticed is the loft starts at 7am but Solomun B2B Dixon at Afterlife are playing 7-10am... guess this means he wont be starting till atleast 10:30-11am at The Loft. Also wondering if we will turn up with Dixon or if ToU will turn up after they finish could be an extremely good one!

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