3rd August '03 - 2 weeks of sheer madness!!



Hey all....4 Guys & 3 Gals (All Single...YE-HA) travelling from the North of Ireland to San Antonio Bay for 2 weeks of crazy antics (and then some ;-p)!! Staying in Hotel Apolo, anyone been there, reviews etc. Will be there for the Radio 1 weekend as well, Party on People!!


im stayin in the apollo, i dont get there till the 13th though, a couple have peeps have told me the hotels ok, a bit basic but who gives a s##t were not there for the hotel r we
hi guys

me and my mate arrive at about 1am on the 6th, and we are staying at the Orosol hotel...looks ok but nothing special, but like the last guy said, its there for a wash and thats it, sleeping is for the beach...

So hope to see you there...radio 1 weekend is gonna rock

I will be there with my fella from 2-16 August and definately up for a mad one :eek: . C you all there! xxx
Same here. Arriving the 3th of august with 2 weeks of party ahead.
6 of us boys from Glasgow fly out on the 9th August another 4 fly out the next week total madness 4th year on the trot for me cant wait!!!!!!
im staying in san an bay, at the las perlas, im there on the 2nd for 2 weeks. how old are you all???
Two 23 yearold lads going out for 1 week during Aug 6th

Hi where heading out there for a mad one, staying in san an for a week, if you want to meet for a drink then the more the better, pm me back if you want

Steve 23 :rolleyes:
Aye totally! The hotel Apolo is magic like, stayed there 2 years ago and had a wicked time. The hotel and staff are ace, and its very clean. The only thing is it takes a good 15 minutes to walk from the centre, but its worth it.

Me and 4 of my mates, all from SCOTLAND arre hitting the shores for two weeks from the 1st August to 17th. fancy a pint?
Happy Dayz!! Be seeing u all probably during the day lounging around the Bar/Pool area....if you hear Irish accents, come on over and we'll get a party organised!! ;)
i'll b goin home the day u get there :( :( :( :(

but have a gd one anyway...prob c u at DC 10 or something b4 we go home!
Need someone to go with...

Heya guys,
Just trying to get out to ibiza around the time of the radio1 weekend, but the mate i was goin with has pulled out, and all my other mates are booked elsewhere now (backpacking UGH!), so if anyone knows someone looking for a male roomate to share with out there around that time for a week or two, put them in touch on my email. Alternatively if youve got some advice or the like about how ibiza is by yourself (never been), also drop me a line.


Ill be glad to here from ya!

- James
so xxx

Who are you and who you gonnabe out there with....and when in August you gonne be there...me and my mate are there for the Radio 1 weekend