1. B

    Ibiza Virgin!

    Hi everyone, Never been to Ibiza before and have booked to go for next year's closings. I know it's far in advance but I cannot afford to go this year sadly, so I have had to compromise and book to go next year. I am a bit worried for the dates I have selected. I am going 26/09/2020 -...
  2. RBrown136

    Solo Travel September 8 to 13 - Suggestions

    Hi All! Very excited to be traveling to Ibiza soon! I will be in town from September 8th to the 13th and had a few things planned but would appreciate some suggestions. I would like some suggestions on boat parties, cave parties, and some other must-dos! Here is what I have planned for...
  3. L

    1990's warehouse raves

    Hello everyone was watching old footage reccently of warehouse races in the 1990's in the uk when acid house was popular got me thinking would love to hear people's story's or memories of these days on here, watched a lot of about them but would love to hear personal stories or memories.