1. chez

    Favourite nightclubs / venues (worldwide)

    What's peoples favourite clubbing spots home or away, former or present? for the club side although many worthy of a mention for the diversity in line ups, sound and general all round nightlife experience mine has to be a toss up between Smolna (Warsaw) and Tresor (Berlin) ..found both to be...
  2. M

    Clubbing - Minors

    Hello everyone ! I am going to apologize before I even put out the question because this has already been answerd a few time. But now back to my question. Me and 3 friends will be turning 18 soon and we wanted to plan our first Vacation to Ibiza in the summer next year. Now lets get to the...
  3. Cordosh

    Ibiza 5th - 14th september 2017

    Hello everybody I am arriving to Ibiza 5th Sep. and planing to go first night to Ibiza Underground for tINI and gang if enyone is fancy to join me it will be cool.I am traveling solo and I will be in the Ibiza till 14th Sep. so plenty time to join another partys :) or another things to do...
  4. C

    San antonio or Ibiza town April 23rd

    Hen party 23rd April 2016. I know pasha club is open on the Saturday but we also want to try and find a place where we can dance or listen to 80s/90s/00s pop. Is there any companies we could book a booze cruise or something similar with during the day in April as most I've seen do not start...