1. William2021

    Arriving in Time Just for Main Stage Events

    Many clubs open their doors at 11.59pm, but I've noticed over the years that the main performance on stage does not start until much later - around 2-3am. e.g. Es Paradis - pool party and neon glow party - nothing happened until 2am Amnesia - main stage performances began around 2am Privilege...
  2. R

    Vintage KU IBIZA posters

    Hello Would anyone be interested in original KU posters from the 80's? (Most by Yves Uro) The posters are from my dad's personal collection, he lived in Ibiza for 10 years and worked at KU in the late 80's. He has kept the posters flat for 33 years and most are in a very good condition! I...
  3. M

    Clubbing - Minors

    Hello everyone ! I am going to apologize before I even put out the question because this has already been answerd a few time. But now back to my question. Me and 3 friends will be turning 18 soon and we wanted to plan our first Vacation to Ibiza in the summer next year. Now lets get to the...
  4. L

    Does anyone have any photos "hi" in construction

    eould like to see how much they changed and what it looked like in construction can't really imagine what it looks like in photos when Ibiza spotlight reviewed it
  5. L

    Your opinion or review on Ushuaia?

    never went this year but went last year got the impression that it's constantly about money in there fair enough decent line ups and stuff but I got the impression it's about v.i.p and big spenders?