Arriving in Time Just for Main Stage Events


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Many clubs open their doors at 11.59pm, but I've noticed over the years that the main performance on stage does not start until much later - around 2-3am. e.g.

Es Paradis - pool party and neon glow party - nothing happened until 2am
Amnesia - main stage performances began around 2am
Privilege - main stage performances began around 3am

Is this customary with most nightclubs on most nights? I also noticed some people were leaving before the main performance had begun and they missed out on a great night. I wish there was a notice or something to encourage new clubbers to stay a little longer and not to leave early with the wrong impression, with the exception of Pacha which is in full swing the moment they open the doors. Are the late starts designed that way to encourage everyone to work up a sweat and buy drinks at the bar while they wait for the main event? I end up 'every time' buying 2 or 3 drinks while I wait. Although one time I made the mistake of arriving around 2am and was told the venue had reached maximum capacity and we had to wait for some people to leave before they would let us in. Anyone else have similar experiences?


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2 reasons, let the night build ... no one wants to turn up and have the headliner on after 1 hour.

Of course they want the club busy throughout so putting headliners on later makes that happen


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One of the reasons i created this thread:

Nevertheless, I like to be there before the main party kicks in. No crowd, can get drinks easily and the non-headliners often play better tracks than the main act. Of course you already need to be in the mood :)


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I always tend to get in for about 1am in Ibiza for a few reasons.

All the above which @Jumpo mentions above plus theres only so long i can sit in the room and drink for (im not one that can go out for a later tea and continue the night from there)

Gives you the chance to find a decent spot and queues aren’t bad at that time