ze compilation to buy in ibiza: el divino 2003

:eek: INCREDIBLE...nobody have heard this cd?guys u miss something...
got sandy rivera in the house,r sanchez release yourself 2003,subliminal vol 4 azuli space etc...
all this cd r f***in boring compare to El Divino ibiza 2003...funky latina & happy house...the 2003 house compilation
this is the cd u must bring back from ibiza hollidays
I'll keep my eye out for it, and if it's crap I'll sue ya ass :lol:
:lol: i'm dying to see ur post...
i'm not used to tell bullshit ;) & i buy a lot of cds each month (from france,uk & spain)
i also buy amnésia undergound vol 3 2003 sessions 6 & i hate this cd coz 1rst side electro-house..only enjoy the track The dolphins house panic & Echomen Perpetual(retrofuturevocal)..eclecto house,it was written on the back side of the booklet... :confused:
2nd side techno..i hate this kind..
bought amnésia underground coz thought it will be like past year , vol 2,one side house (nice track..) second techno (i don't give a shit..)
ex u can have a look @ matinée group compilation vol 4...great cd i recommend to all...there r some samples...
Fallen, how does it compare to last years as that was the proverbial dogs sphericals 8) .....I loved it and was well worth the money. I'll be having that one, make no mistake. :D