You're The Ref (What Night @ Pacha)?



What's the opinion. Do I go heavy on Thursday or Friday for the build up to all day naughtiness at Space on Sunday :eek: ...

Help! I'm in a dilemma for one of these nights, which one would the boys and girls go for ....

Ministry of Sound (Thurs)


30th Anniversary nights with Tong, Morales etc (Fri) :?: :?: :?:
Neither, get your backside there for Underwater, Tuesday nights. ;)

Ministry: personally always had a bit of a problem with Ministry on principle. The club may be great and the music quality but the whole corporate thing with the rubbish cds and overpriced merchandise has always put me off. They don't need my money and I'd rather not give it them.

30th Party: Will rock, Ministry was always packed on Fridays and i suspect this may be a very busy night. Don't forget many locals and Spanish visitors pack out Pacha every Friday. No listings yet other than for Pistol Pete and the odd week's big name. Probably loads of Local DJ's, which is a good thing.

Personally I'd go to Subliminal on the Wed
:eek: Gotta say, I truly fancy the Underwater opener on the 17th .... hmmm, but then again, I adore Erick Morillo too ... so wednesday .. or tuesday .. ?? Decisions!
Ministry of Sound (Thurs), or 30th Anniversary nights with Tong, Morales etc . Sorry, can't help you there...

I'm planning on doing Underwater & Subliminal. I still have delightful memories of Darren Emerson & Tim Deluxe bringing down the house at Pacha last summer.
roger sanchez on monday nights....

morillo on weds are good but its way to packed....sanchez keeps it smooth all night long