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if you could open your own club in ibiza what would it be like? what would you call it and what djs would you have there?
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It is my plan in life to open a club, think i wound go back to ibiza days of old.
I would open an outdoor club, maybe in the old town, (ibiza town)
the accustic would be mad, i think i would take something like
es paradis and put it all out side.

if not if any one has seen the film triple xxx, their a club in their.
with all this static electicity flying about and mad laser. check it out you will see what i mean.
it's illegal. there are noise restrictions. thats why es paradis and ku both had to have a roof erected.
i always say

laws are made to be brokern, you have the sundance party,

it's in an old zoo in san an hills, thats open air.

bring back the ibiza open air party's
I would call my club Silence - Just because it wouldn't be - can you tell I'm in marketing?
It would have big comfy lounge chairs and lots of space to dance and the sound system would be the best. The ceilings would be extremely high - I would have NO smoke machines as I hate them and that is so 70's -80's?
I would book newer and older dj talent to play at my club, the music would focus on house but I would maybe throw in a couple of trance nights to please the masses that still like that crap. (no offense, can only stand it for 2-3 hours max, passed this phase a long time ago).
Would charge $20-30 dollars admission and have an avg drink price of $7.50, Water would be a set price of $4.00 and you would be able to fill it up in the bathroom.
My opening DJ would be John Digweed.

A girl can dream can't she?
actually silence would be the theme to my club..... like complete silence..... to buy drinks, you would have to write them on a pad - no conversation allowed, no music, no lights, sitting only, no smoking, drugs, all glasses rubber lined to prevent noise, the whole place in an anechoic chamber, no lights, sign language only for any communication, small movements only........

well, it's different anyway......

(btw, the concept has been patented UKP 1379576a/02 so nobody nick it!)