Your advice needed!



There are 7 of us going to Ibiza in July, and we're al up for a hell of a laugh. Thing is we're pretty skint, and so are limiting our club visits to one or two. Which one club do you recommend to go to?? We are absolutely clueless about the clubbing scene in Ibiza- I know its pretty wild!! We'll try anything once! We're staying in Figueretas. Any suggestions?
Go to Amnesia,Privilege (manumission if its with Dave Seaman),and Sundays at Space for sure!To Bora-Bora u can go everyday!
i am also pretty clueless about our famous club scene. i do know however that the vast majority of visitors to the island have a brilliant time without ever setting foot in a disco.
there are so many other things to do that don't cost a fortune. there are hundreds of bars which have live and canned music. places with other entertainment like comedians, hypnotists etc etc. i went to watch a supremes tribute band last night for absolutely free and the drinks were reasonably priced.
in figueretes you are walking distance from ibiza where there are tons of small cafes and restaurants where you can buy very good food at reasonable value - tip: if you see lots of local people eating there, don't be shy, just go steaming in.
and in figueretes you've got lidl, the cheapest and busiest supermarket in the world.

you'll enjoy your stay.
Stepehen the moderator is totally correct although a bit boring
there are tons of stuff to do in Ibiza as there is in many holiday resorts without stepping in to a club so you won't get bored.
If you are going to do one club night then there is a few things to consider
1. what music do you like ( then find out what music is being played on a certain night and if u like it then go for it, in the main big clubs its mainly house and trance stuff. )
2. do you have a favorite dj ( then have a look on the calender that is always being updated with the latest news and go to a night that you favorite dj is playing.)
3 . do you want to be bamboozled by something you have never seen b4 ( manumission is has amazing shows and theme's for there nights and is a one off experience, or maybe you want to dance in the sun Maybe Space would be your thing or DC10 . Or you like amazing lazers and smoke machines then Amnesia. Or u want to dance in water Es Paradis.
take a look on this most informative website and decide what is best for you.
not everyone wants to go clubbing.

cetainly my parents and my 80 year old grandad dosen't want to clubbing? incidentally all 3 are now on the island.
No not everyone wants to go clubbing but when someone asks about the bloody clubbing in Ibiza then best give them an idea of whats there.
so who's giving you your pocket money?

incidentally my dad is now in a caravan in wales!
dfunky said:
No not everyone wants to go clubbing but when someone asks about the bloody clubbing in Ibiza then best give them an idea of whats there.

fair point.

But you could also give them some ideas of what to do 'on quiet days'
Cheers- thanks all for your help!! Limited pocket money is coming from a saturday job with limited wages!!! Im sure we'll visit a club or two or three, and go to lots and lots of bars etc. etc. just werent sure which club to go to, cos once we go there thats it!!! Once stab at it im afraid!!!!!! CHEERS ALL YOU SWEETIES- Stephen and Robo and whoever etc.

Hope your Dad hasnt got too wet in his caravan in wales Rob0- weather is pretty rubbish at the mo!!
I have posted on other threads about things to do in the day. I generally swim in the sea because thats what i like doing and snorkling.
like i have said i go to Ibiza because of the clubbing and the parties e.t.c but i also get up and do things in the day as well.