You'll never guess!

DJ Biff

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i post this every year and nobody has come close to guessing my secret.

I, DJ Biff, being of sounder mind than most, have never once paid to get into a club in Ibiza!

How have i managed to achieve this???

i'm not telling!
You have never been to a club in Ibiza? Therefore never had to pay?

1) you have some scam going with the ticket sellers (you sractch their back they scratch yours)

2) you just manage to sneak in

3) you blag it at the door

either way I WANT TO KNOW you cheeky bastard! :twisted: :lol:
Most of the times, when you live or you work in Ibiza for the season, you get a free pass for all discos...

Last year, I never paid for an entry! I had the passes...

Dj Biff... you're not the only one!
you dress up as a bouncer and just walk straight in?


You dress up in your action man gear and sneak in without no one see'ing you.
2 suggestions:

Can you walk through walls?

Youve taken tips from the film, great escape, and you tunnel your way into the clubs
id say you either have a pass of somesort

or your lying and really you have never been in a club and not paid! ;)
You take some of that powder that makes you invisible!!!
That may explain why I feel like Im walking into people that are not there when I get to 4am on a big night out.
You have no mass and are merely a force of electromagnetic energy, as such you can transcend the physical environment to go to any point in the universe.

You also never pay for drinks as your state of existance dictates that you are unable to interact with the physical forms other than via pulses of energy!

i know the secret!!

i too never paid to get into a club last year.

keep up the good work biff.
you have in fact paid, but you were so out of your f.u.c.k.e.n. head, trippen you imagined your were invisible to everyone, and convinced yourself you didnt pay a penny!!!

the sad thing is...... you still havent woke up to reality!!!!!!!!!
:rolleyes: :lol: