Yeaaah booked! And now?


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Thank god I booked. I´m in Playa D´en Bossa from 31. August to 14. September. I have the Hotel Club Can Bossa, ok it´s not the best but it has a bed and that´s enough.

Now, I´m making my clubbing plan and have some questions.

My favourite musik is funky house but from time to time I also like trance or progressive. I calculate 600 €/Week.

  • Sat 31.8.: nothing big maybe city to buy some cards for space ;)
    Sun 1.9.: Space Sasha´s Birthday
    Mo 2.9.: Manumission -> Space -> Bora Bora
    Tue 3.9.: chilling
    Wed 4.9.: Subliminal or El Divino
    Thu 5.9.: Cream
    Fri 6.9.: MOS or Stereo Closing
    Sat 7.9.: maybe Def Mix (I like Louie Vega but never seen him)
    Sun 8.9.: Space (curious how are Basement Jaxx)
    Mo 9.9.: Manumission or Pacha ->Space -> Bora Bora
    Tue 10.9.: maybe again Pacha or Amnesia
    Wed 11.9.: Subliminal or El Divino
    Thu 12.9.: chilling
    Fri 13.9.: MOS
    Sat 14.9.: would love to see Smokin Jo at the space terrace but our flight goes at 7.55 am :(

Ok that´s what i think about ma 2 weeks and now my questions:

  • 1) Where would you go on 11. September?. Erick Morillo is at The Pacha but the French Connection at El Divino also sounds not bad.

    2) Fr 6.9. Would you go to MOS or to Stereo Closing? Remember I go to MOS on 13.9. in any case.

    3) Is it worth to go to Def Mix?

    4) Mo 9.9. Manumission or Roger Sanchez? Hm, I love the Manumission starting from 6 o clock but I was there a week before.

    5) What´s about the space am parties on wed, thu and fridays? Are they ok?

    6) Is the sunbed in Figurettas the only one? ;)

Many questions but i hope you can help me a little bit.

my suggestions :

My personal pics :

Sat. 7 Sep : DANNY TENAGLIA 12 hour set at Priviledge 8 PM to 8 AM
Tribal, Funky, Deep, Dark and take-it-like-your-my-b***-house ! !

Sun. Space (where else ?) ok maybe Judgement Sundays

Mon. 8 Sep : Marco Carola at Cocoon (Amnesia) Some of the best hard core partiers out to see a wikked 3 turntable master pump out mad techno at its best ! !

Tues. : John Digweed at Renaissance (Amnesia) One of the best progressive jocks / producers that is out there.

Wed : SUBLIMINAL AT PACHA WITH ERIC MORILLO ! ! I have heard nothing but awesome reviews about this jock / club / night ! !

Thurs : Carl Cox closing party at Space....this is gonna blow the roof off !

Maybe we will see you there........
If you are into proper house music then DO NOT MISS DEF MIX. This party is full of beautiful friendly people who are there to dance and have fun, without all the bull-shit of some of the other clubs. Awesome.
i'll be at space that sunday for sasha's birthday picked a good one there!