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Does anyone know if Xtravaganza will be having a club night on the island this season:?: The past 2 years its been at Priviledge on Friday nights but I see that Slinky now have that slot.
Its a shame if they dont, Alex gold is a wicked promoter and a top bloke too!

But, no, havent heard anything about it ths year :(
Dont think theyve got a night on this year.

Went last year in Privelidge and it was class.
Alex Gold plays at Tangled at Manchester regularly and the DJ's from there played at Xtravaganza last year.

He played Tangled in March and one of my mates wa in the DJ box and asked him about Ibiza but apparantly he's fed up of the way things are run over there these days and would maybe only do a couple (if any) dates over there this year.

Gutted, coz although I don't particularly like Privilege I've had very very good nights at Xtravaganza the last 2 years :cry:

If i see him this weekend I'll ask anohter promoter i know who knows alex whats going on......