Xtravaganza at Privilege?



Has anyone been? Could you tell me if it was worth it and was it busy? Coz a quiet night in such a huge club would be pretty dull wouldn't it???
Any info. anyone???
skip it.....

well just go to see the enourmous size of the club....otherwise the music is shitty and nobodyis dancing....next to my hotel someone was selling tickets 2 for $30 so we went for a few hours then bounced to amnesia for DT
We went there and had a great time - Like any non-manumission night they close off some of the club to keep the main dance floor busy. If you like prog trance then you will love it!
Depends what kind of music you're into but if you are into trance big time (like me!) then it is a must!! The club was not too wmpty and the atmosphere was good.

It was my best night on the island the last 2 years :D
Whats the club like, compared to Pacha or Space? How big is it? I missed it on my last visit.