Hey guys, went to ibiza the last couple of yrs but never been to Xstasis or the newer Inox club. What are the two venues like? Im really into hard trance and hardstyle and i heard that inox does the occasional night of that kinda choons...is xstasis more of a piss ed' club?

Cheers guys!
exstasis ive never been to but form what ive hear very quite and not very good there is a post here somewhere about it.

Innox is a great club i loved it there its a club just between the westend and the sunset strip.

Innox was closed last year (dont know why) but you go into a small entrance downstairs into a big club they hosted storm (hard dance )
and they also hosted one nation the drum and bass promoters.

overall a nice club good size a reasonab,e entry about 5 euros !!

worht checking out !!!!