xerox november selektionz


- pigon – helios (poker flat)
- shu okuyama – punkt (mark henning’s open club sand wedge bunker trickshot remix)(minimood)
- pierce, twirdy & s.c.a.l. – techno is not what it seems (yellow tail)
- null.eins – la gente menuda (tom clarck no voice mix)(highgrade digital)
- bradler & dualton – hamington (rompecabeza)
- chaton – mylessizmorethanyours (lessizmore)
- decimal – obscuro (enemy)
- edit select – asparity (gary beck remix)(edit select)
- jorge savoretti – you taste better than danger (minus)
- lee jones – soon (the mole remix)(aus music)
- dj T – before light (poker flat)
- la horse – cyanide and happiness (fondation)
- barem – seeee (minus)
- reboot – vandon (below)
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