Wrist band



Hi all heading to ibiza one week from today, how do you get a wrist band for space and what time do I need to be there at, is there a time where tickets are cheapest, I will be going sun 21st, either that or will go to the space carry on after manumission. Any ideas, pplease help any1, thanks ;)
You get a wrist band on Sundays if you go after 10am, before 10am it is chepaer entry but you don't get the wrist band so can't go out and then come back in. After 10am I think it is 45 euros at the moment to get in with flyer or if you buy ticket in advance, that will get you a wristband and you can go out once in the day.

IMO it's definitely worth getting the wristband and then heading out to Bora Bora for an hour or so in the late afternoon/early evening.
Thanks Barbie, good advice, I am really looking 4ward to this year just to do things I missed from past visits, see yah :)