Would you recommend garbi for 2 weeks ??


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Hey, I would like to know if you guys/gals would recommend a stay at the Garbi Hotel & Spa for 2 weeks, during the last week in summer, and the first week of August. (2009)

I would just like to make sure that i am staying at a hotel I can bare to be at for 2 whole weeks.
the rooms are nice and its a very nice, clean hotel (especially compared to other hotels in that location lol) a good location in den bossa.. near all without being very loud or crazy (as opposed to Jet, etc) and the buffet is great :D
Definitely recommend it. We've stayed there in each of the past 4 years.

Great hotel, especially after the remodelling prior to last summer. Nice new furniture. Rooms are pretty spacious for 2, as are the balconies. Make sure you ask for a room with a view of the sea or the pool (with sea beyond).

Staff have always been helpful to us. I never eat in the restaurant though (I don't do breakfast, and we eat out for dinner) so I can't say much about the food if that's a concern.

The free Wifi is a major selling point for me. There's also a decent lobby bar.
... recommend a stay at the Garbi Hotel & Spa ...

... Garbi Hotel & Spa ...
but i can´t believe that the garbi-guys added the word "SPA" ...
... but they did ... omg :lol:

and they should update their website !

Space ... Open for most of the day and night,
it also hosts a 22 hour marathon party on Sundays
from 8am Sunday morning ‘til 6am Mondays.
We stayed there for 10 days in September, it was really good, rooms are very clean, great location, lovely hotel, etc. I can't give any recommendations about the food as we never ate in the restaurant. No grumbles apart from one of the cleaners being light fingered and relieved me of one my rings :evil: I'll definately go back in 2009 and make sure everything is locked away in the safe!!