worried about partys


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Hey peeps, was in ibiza last year and we went from the 17th til the 24th of sept and there were loads of partys on, tiesto closing, fiesta del aqua, cream, carl cox ect ect ect you get the drift we could have gone out every night!

But i've looked on the calendar and we're going same time this year just a day early and the only thing on really worth seeing is cream and space on sunday can't think what it's called

i know its early but will it fill up? i promised my friend i'd take them to feista del aqua

I'm worried that with the whole "credit Crunch" they're not gonna put quite as much on this year??? What do ya reackon?
Of course it will fill up. Every club is open almost every night.

A lot of the club nights haven't been announced yet so keep checking back- it will be pretty much like the 08 calendar.
Don't Panic!!!!