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Can anyone tell me the best places to club in the following destinations please?.....

Bangkok (and rest of Thailand)
Sydney (apart from Home)
New York (apart from Arc)
San Francisco


Robder. x
Yup....just about to buy an around the world ticket to Thailand, Sydney, Auckland, San Fran and New York.

And travelling solo.

Eeeeeek! :confused:
Nice. You’ll have a great time. I’ve thought constantly about doing that since I was about 13. Haven’t got around to it yet though. Partly due to financial reasons and partly because I don’t really know anyone who’s as keen to go away as soon as me. Don’t know if I’d have the courage to do it myself, good for you. :D
NY = Centro-Fly or Roxy....

maybe by the time you get here.... Crobar and Spirit?? But who knows when they'll actually open.
NY- Centrofly was wicked when I was there in Feb...

You should really consider a stop in Montreal as well if you are already going to be in NY (check out Stereo and Aria)... incredible scene. Toronto can also be very good.
Oh God I'd love to but I've just got off the phone to a travel agent who was asking me questions like, 'do you want to stop in New Zealand? How about Singapore? Does Melbourne interest you as well as Sydney? Do you want to work in Australia?'

By the end of the call I was a nervous wreck having not done any of this before so I think I'm going to keep it fairly simple in 6 months and extend it if I feel confident enough while I'm out there.

Robo is back then! How was ibiza? (Bit of an open ended question I know!)

Right!...OFF TO HAND MY NOTICE IN!!!! Yaaaaaay!
Robder said:
Robo is back then! How was ibiza? (Bit of an open ended question I know!)!

really good, but there are a few bits niggling me at the mo about the island.

i will do a full report when i can be arsed :p
Not from the States, but I do know that in San Francisco and in LA, Spundae rocks it. Giant is an amazing club in Los Angeles too. I'll wait for the real US members to post, but those are my suggestions for now. Have a wikkid time.

Btw, how much is that plane ticket costing you?

about 1000 quid inc airport tax for a round the world ticket from London to London. Stops at Thailand, Sydney, LA, New York
In Sydney no real big clubs besides home. There is an amazing looking/sounding gay club Arq but the music sux.

Sunday afternoon at Sounds on Sunday at the Greenwood is popular. Outdoors/indoors in an old church complex. Pretty good line up of DJs.

Gas has good internationals but resident nights pretty poor. Good prog/breaks night once a month at Club-Liberty (Friday) and Sweetchilli (Saturday) at the Dendy.

Sydney much more an "event" type city and the regular nights aren't great. Try to hit it on a bank holiday weekend when it goes mental, especially in summer. Clubbing in sydney, compared to Melbourne (they say), is pretty poor but the big weekends are unmatched IMO. Except Ibiza every day!! Ha ha.

Check out or but don't expect great things except bank holiday weekends.
oh, and bring your own pills. Eccyspensive here!!

kidding, obviously, since customs will nab you (with their trusty drug hounds) but be prepared for a slightly more expensive night.
Out of curiousity (comparing pricing across the Commonwealth), what do disco biscuits go for in Australia? The going rate is CAD$20 in Toronto... (approx. AUD$22).
Anything from AUD25-50. If you're not close to the dealer then more like AUD40-50.

Quality poor too usually 'cause they travel so far from Holland and Netherlands I guess. Rumour has it they get cut along the way in Bangkok etc.
Can I be selfish and bung this thread back on track....
I want to know about venues/promotors/party goers and DJs.
I'm sure narcotics will look after themselves! :p