working this time of year


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things are a bit shite back here in england so am just wondering what the oppurtunities are like working on the island this time of yr,i worked there last summer so know what to expect,any idears.
Working this time of the year....

Hello Nitefly,

You can still find jobs at this time of the year but in the quiter bars and restaurants....the island is well chilled-out right now and you are more looking at working in a little bar in Sta Gertrudis or a restaurant in Sta Eularia...You will also need to speak Spanish, at this time of the year, everyone need Spanish + 1 language (English, French or German).

Hope this helps....

i think you'll find that to work a bar or restaurant at this time of year you'd have to be pretty good at your trade. being a waiter in spain is regarded as a profession and the clientelle in winter expect excellent service. there are currently thousands of people on unemployment benefit because of the seasonal nature of work here, unless you're pretty damn good i'd stay put.
plus you have to ask yourself would you be happy in a place where almost nothing happens in comparison to the summer ( the only time you've been). would you be bored?
sorry, but that's the way it is here.