working in ibiza in 2004



i`m a 20 year old crazy welsh bird and am looking to go out next summer to work as a PRany help and advice would be great coz it`s my first time to go out and work there.
kp54 said:
i`m a 20 year old crazy welsh bird and am looking to go out next summer to work as a PRany help and advice would be great coz it`s my first time to go out and work there.

hi, just wonderin if you've sorted anything out for next summer. im 19 (will be 20 then) and im goin out to work on my own next year.

i would really like to make a few mates b4 i go and hopefully find someone to share an apartment with etc!!

please get back to me, id be really appreciate it

louise xxxxxxxx
Hey Hey Peoples, (Louise and Welsh bird!)

I'm an 22 year old Aussie girl whose been living in London for the past year and am planning on working in Ibiza during the summer of 2004. I'm in desperate need for my dose of the sun sand and sea and London just isn't cutting it!

Will also be travelling alone and would appreciate any help or advice on how to go about getting work, flat etc etc.

If anyone wants to lend a helping hand or has the same idea as me please drop me an email.

Mandy :lol:

Im looking to work over there next year and im going on my own. if you have any advice, would be grateful.
;) :D
Looks like there are lots of us planning a working holiday next season it would be great and if we all stick 2gether it could be even better because to be honest I will probably be going out there by mysekf so it would be good to know that there would be others there in the same situation.
Yah I'm heading over for the summer myself - tiz great to know theres others like me....we'll have to meet up but its a good bit off so we can arrange closer to the date.....nice one!
Omg, its so good to know there are lots of other ppl going alone! But now we need INFO. Where/how do u get jobs?? I want to be a "flyer girl" or i guess more professionally, a club promoter.
Working in Ibiza summer 2004!

Hi All!!

I agree its really good to know that there are so many people out there, if you lot are up for working out there as much as i am then im sure we can work something out!!

Id rather go out there knowing a few people, so we dont waste any time settling in!!

Id suggest that if anyone is up for meeting up over the next couple of months, bringing all of our info together, going for food and then clubbing to see if we get on, or something along those lines, and that im happy to help organise it!

Im born and bred in Gloucester and am at uni in Bath, so if you are interested in making contact, feel free.

I look forward to hearing from you all. Take care and happy clubbing!
roll on 2004

hey I've just got back from ibiza for my first time and I'm totally in love! I'm determined to go next summer but unfortunately I'ma skint student so I'm now contemplating spending the whole summer out there and getting a job-I can't face living at home the whole summer like I have done this one. Has anyone got any tips on finding a place to live once I get there coz I'm going on my own I think and I don't fancy the prospects of living on the streets?! I'm happy to work anywhere-waiting on/PR/ bar work-anything as long as I get to go again!
its never to early to start planning/getting excited, anna/robo
R1CHARD said:
its never to early to start planning/getting excited, anna/robo

but i did make my post before the season 2003 kicked off.

now u may get excited about next year...

I'm planning to go out in 2004 for the whole season.

My mate was over there for a couple of months this season (2003) and has already made a few contacts, got VERY cheap accommodation etc. I went over there for 2 weeks this season too, and fell in love :)

So... we'll be going back next year.. he's talking of a possibility of hiring out a bar - but i'm not too sure he'll do that!

My thoughts are: all i'm gonna do in England is work, go out, sleep, eat. So why not do it in Ibiza?!!?

There's something other thatn all the clubbing/drinkin' about Ibiza - that i can't put my finger on - but it's drawing me back!
Hy, guys!
I read all the messages below and saw thau u are really zserious about going to ibiza.
I'm from Romania and i'm planning to go to Ibiza for the summer to work. I'm 22 and i work in an advertising agency in Romania.
feel free to share news about planning to go to Ibiza. It would be great to go with people I know.
my mail is:
Waiting for your mails :D :D
Hi im hoping to go out in a few months and it will be my first time eeek it woul dbe good to know some people before hand as i dont wanna arrive and be a loner!
hey i cant believe u guys hav been planning since last June! U must b literally burstin wiv the excitement by now!
Me and my friend have always talked bout goin but now we've decided to take the plunge and go for it this year! and we cant take the waiting already! so god knows how u must be feelin by now lol!!
anyway we are hopin to go out end of april, lucky for me i hav got a friend to go out there wiv, but she aint gonna b stayin out there for long so i wud appreciate sum m8s too..!! ;)
so if any of u's lot r still plannin on goin then get in touch k! 8) 8)