Working In Ibiza, Got iPhone or iTouch, You NEED this. (Not Spam)


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Me again.

i already posted a must -have app for the iPhone and iPod Touch, I found another, but this one I feel is critical to workers in ibiza, so thought it deserved it's own thread.

Go to the App Store, search simply for 'Ibiza' download the app 'PhoneIbiza' currently free, FOC, gratis.

This is essential for workers and tourists alike, simple navigation to the following:

Telephone Numbers for:

+ just about every hotel on the island

+ fitness centers & gyms

+ car hire stations

+ restaurants

+ useful numbers


Maps of:

+ WiFi hotspots

+ petrol stations

The phone numbers are simply dialled by pressing the green '+' button, and already have the +34 prefix to aid speedy dialling.

This is invaluable, tell everyone you know!

(Despite my raving, i'm not the developer of this app, but I should be on commission!)

Cheers all!

brill !!, another good addition for ibiza fans, will try and use it when im over there in July to see if it really works :)

I assume its in english?
Nice but there are a lot of nice restaurants missing...km5,la barraca,pacha to name a could be really useful to add their adresses too!
I particularly like the wifi spots map/information, didnt realise there were so many in San An, just wondered if they were free or if its up to date but will check when im there in a few weeks though:D