Working In Ibiza 2004


Chris Wright

Hi i'am chris 19 year old male. I'am looking to go out to ibiza next year to work in PR, Bar work or anythink. I've been twice before in 01 and 02 and loved it to bits. So if anyone is doing the same and wants to flat share or knows of any jobs going give us shout will ya. Cheers :D
I might be going to work out there next season.. june - sept.. :D Im 18 yr old female, living in London..
:D hi ya matey!!!!!

i am going out there in april 2004 to work the season, ;) also looking to hook up with some peeps before i go!!!

would be great to hear about like minded people who want to work the magical island next year and hopefully many years to come :lol:

oh by the way i am a 23 year old bloke from luton, who is a complete lunatic (or so i am told ha ha). keep in touch and if i don't see ya before i am sure i will see ya out there ok matey!!! :D