Wonderland 2009 Line-up

Lady Gaga????? ............
'GaGa deal won't go Pete Tong'
Published: 27 May 2009

DJ PETE TONG can't understand why people "think it's strange" he's picked LADY GAGA
to play his Ibiza club night this summer.

The legendary record-spinner - who's bringing his Wonderland residency at Eden
back for a second year - is buzzing about his star signing.
And he's keeping his fingers crossed she doesn't pull out last minute -
like many others in bygone years.

He told The Sun:
"Having Lady GaGa is a real coup.
It will be a real moment for Ibiza.
"Everyone thinks it's a strange choice, but I've done my homework with her.
I don't think it's that unusual.
"She made it known to her crew that she wanted to do a show
for the people in Ibiza.

"I've always been trying to get something out of the ordinary.
Quite often they agree to do it but they won't let you announce it until a week before
and usually they pull out at the last minute.
"This year she's signed up for it, we've gone over it in minute detail
and she's let us announce it.
"Obviously she could still fall over and break her arm
but I hope she's gonna be there!"

Someone who WILL be there is P DIDDY, who has made a week-long jaunt
to the party island an annual commitment.
And Pete describes the rapper as one of the few celebs who doesn't jet over solely
for the VIP treatment - unlike PARIS HILTON.

He said:
"P Diddy's really caught the bug.
He was fascinated by the whole thing and wanted to be a part of it.
"He didn't just head for the VIP tables -
he got down and dirty and saw different facets of Ibiza.
He went to the glitzy champagne places but he also went to the proper music venues.
"I think it changed him, really.
He never misses it - he always comes by every year for at least five or six days."

Lady GaGa will be playing a 40-minute set with her full band
at Wonderland@Eden on July 24



Lady Gaga in on-stage boob gaffe
July 28, 2009

Oops! Lady Gaga popped out of her bra while on stage at a gig in Ibiza.
The singer suffered the embarrassing wardrobe malfunction
when her nipple slipped out of her bejewelled bra -
which seemed a few sizes too small - during her energetic performance.

She was forced to keep check throughout the whole 45-min set ...

amazing review :lol:
they absolutely packed the club out, there was hardly room to breathe. I was on the dancefloor and could not see a thing. They put the drinks prices at 11euros for a beer and 9 euros for a water, and then reduced them when she finished. Also the club pretty much emptied when she finished.