womack and womack reMIXed


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Don't think this has been covered before, but at Space last month Sneak dropped a mix of Teardrops by W & W - tuffed up, percussive, driving, yet still pretty true to original. Now sound system ws so cr*p that cdn't hear it that well, but is this a legal reissue, or a Sneaky bedroom remix, or what?

Funny thing is da missus, who is not a trainspotter, said that she's heard this remix while out shopping !
What's this about crappy sounds system? :( You sure you didnt hear it on the table top radio sounding thing when noone is on the terrace?, lol.
I think you and me have been down this route before Stingray regarding the sound on the terrace! I agree as you know.

Ive been trying to find out about that Womack track on www.gemm.com but my computer in work is taking ages to open the pages for some reason. Try on there as its the best site for locating hard to find music.