WMC dates (tentative)


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Hello from Brooklyn NYC...the tentative dates for this years Miami Winter Music Conference r a drastic change for those that r used to it being the last 2 weeks of march...this year its gonna be the first week...Saturday, March 6- Thursday, March 11...this was announced by DJ Mag earlier this week...the official word from the actual people who set the conference will be made by the end of the week....for more info check out www.wintermusicconference.com or www.clubplanet.com (theres tons of site as the event gets closer)....for all the europeans out there, this is Ibiza rolled into 1 week (all Ibiza clubs throw parties down there as well as most UK clubs and Radio 1 of course)...and ive been to both so i talk from experience...only problem is that theres sooooo much to do u wind up missing certain things...Miami is very much like Ibiza except alot more modern looking (our country is not too old by ur comparisons)...if anyone wants info from me email me at joeycrack13@aol.com...just put WMC 2004 in the subject heading
who r u kidding

with all due respect, who r u kidding. I live in Toronto, Canada, and I have been 2 WMC twice, and it is nowhere close 2 Ibiza. Obnoxious Americans, mixed with some stylish ones from South Beach, nowhere near the same vibe as Ibiza. Trust me, whoever thinks this will compare 2 Ibiza, u will be in for a major, major disappointment.
despicable Americans!

I don't think such a poor light should be shed on Miami and the WMC as my friendly neighbor above stated. There are certainly are some aspects of Miami that are not great. VIP tables are up to $2k for this week and it simply doesn't have quite the hedonistic/free vibe as Ibiza, but the DJ superpowers all converge here to party for one week. There are lots of fantastic clubs and even more underground parties that most of us don't hear about. Last year Tenaglia, Deep Dish, Danny Howells, Behrouz, Chus & Ceballos + more all playing and partying in the same venue in one night? I'd say that isn't half bad. Even if you have to put up with all those despicable Americans.

It is hands down the best global clubbing event happening all winter. If you don't like talking with the natives, then I'm sure you'll find company with the international crowd.
WMC isn't as cool as Ibiza IMHO, but to someone from Europe it might be comparable to someone non-European going to Ibiza. And yes, just like
any country one goes to, there are obnoxious (insert country) there....
Saying that there are obnoxious people in "country-x" is a myopic, stereotypical statement....