Wireless in Formentera


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The Island Council of Formentera wants to use state funds on the highways and information superhighway on the island. The Spanish central government has set aside a budget to alleviate the effects of the economic situation and create employment throughout the land.

Formentera has applied for €1.4 million from the fund to carry out much needed repairs and improvements to 4 roads on the island so that they're in perfect condition for the summer tourist season.

The other major project is to criss-cross the entire island in invisible but harmless WiFi beams so we can all collect our email and surf the net wherever we are!
The projects will provide work for 25 people.
El Ste,

When I saw this I thought you meant they'd just got the radio going !

Never mind roads and the like are probably a better use of cash :oops:
Wow...WIFI all over the island. Excellent! Would help me come over and 'work' on one of the great beaches....beats looking at a traffic jam!! :D