winter work



hi we are a couple with 2 children moving to ibiza soon for winter 2004, does any 1 no if it will b asy to get work through the winter season??
ibiza pretty well closes on oct 31 every year. there isn't a winter season as such.
i think you will have difficulty finding paid work at this time of the year but if you have the right skills you may be lucky.

not knowing more about your plans it's difficult to say........
cant help you much with your question - but hope all goes well for you and hope you do find work out there! opening a small buisness that can have something to do with all year round things would be good maybe!! hope u love it out there! :D
also winterworker

I'm lookin winter job too... I'm leaving 30.september 2003 from Estonia and hope arrive Ibiza end of oct. ...hich-hiking...
I'm so called Ibiza virgin - first time and don't know much, only what you tell and write here... the sad thing is that I don't know anyone there... :cry:

any help is good

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