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yeah, I know it's not Ibiza related except that I might not get there in July if I don't resolve the problem as I am close to doin myself in after two days trying to send a fax with this b......... software - help anybody?
Thanks for replying - I bought the pack a couple of days ago because it "works with XP" - i installed the beast without problems and immediately received a welcome fax from WinFax and also received a fax from a friend without problem who I asked to send as a trial. I then tried to send a fax of one word "testing" to numbers I know both in uk and in Spain - the beast dialled the number, connected, negotiated, and then tried "training" what ever that means and immediately cut itself off - WHY ? it's driving me mad, the modem must be ok as it's receiving so WHY?
Normally it goes from there.

I will have a think, but try reading the 'help' section in the meantime - infact i'll have a read now.
Sorry can't find much in the help section.

Could be anything causing the problem, might be worth emailing the tech support.

Persevere (spelling?) though, cos its a good program.
drew / Nish

I have sent an email to them but as yet no reply - I have a broadband connection for internet but a separate line for the telephone/fax so there shouldn't be a problem.
bloody annoying as it's supposed to be the best bit of gear
It is good, stick with it.

I'm sure it will be something real simple cos i use it at home and at work.

At home I'm on a digital exchange, but at work i'm not - and it works fine on both.

I'll PM you if i think of something.
woz gonna say- heard u couldnt use a fax through a broadband, but as u say u got the fax on the dial up modem.