will two of us still have a good time?



ive noticed that many of you are going in big groups to ibiza this year,ide love to do that but this year its just me and my mate going

do you think we will have as good a time?

also i have been reading about the mugging and fighting and the general advice was to stay together in a crowd which we cant do!

dya all think we will still have a fab time as im a bit cautious now!
Of course you'll enjoy it.............. youre bound to make new friends out there...........just use common sense to stay safe, dont go wondering into dark alleys etc. just as if it were 2 of u going out in your home town.
Both of you will have a good time! I've went to Ibiza either solo or with one friend and had a blast on all occasions. You can always meet new people on the beach or at the many bars in Ibiza.

RE: mugging and fighting and the general advice.
-just use common sense. I've never worried to much about this in Ibiza.

bon voyage :) :D
this yr i was abit worried that i might have a remedial holiday as there is only 3 of us going this year compared to 6 any other yr but looking at it i thought so what im on holiday with my best mates im in the best place to have fun and i aint got nothing to worry about no matter what you will end up meeting people it will be one of the best holidays of your life
Blimey no ... there are only two of us going .. ( unless the kids smuggle themselves in our cases, which is a big possibility ) ... I love to make new friends ... :) and I KNOW I am going to have an awesome time!
i been on my own a few times- prob will be this year as well. Lots of the same people go out the same time every year so I usually see them, Always meet LOADS of people, funnily enough see quite a few people from liverpool that I see in the clubs here as well!

Its all good ;)
Of course you will kc, I'm sure there are plenty of people that just go in twos.

I'm going with my boyfriend again this year, and before I first went, I was a bit worried that we would be surrounded by big crowds of lads and lassies but it really isn't like that.

You really get all types in Ibiza; old and young, clubbers and culture vultures...
we're all as fooked up as each other! Thats whats makes it SO much better when meeting new people out there :D
listern up

i have been to ibiza 6 times 4 of those time with just one mate.

and i have laways ended up going out in big groups. with people i have met in my hotel.

just enjoy yourself and be up for a laugh. the muggings and fightings are stories all of us have either seen or in some case got caught up in.

just be safe,, and you be fine.
I'm sure that you'll have a great time no matter who you go with, I know people who've been in big and small groups, and with friends or boyfriends / girlfriend and everyone had a great time - something for everyone...
I think that if you go with a smaller group you are much more likely to meet people and make friends. If you go with a larger group you generally tend to stick together. Thats wat i've experienced anyway.
2 years ago I went with my housemate, last year there was 26 of us and this year it's just me and my b/f.

You will have a good time whatever. Everyone's on holiday and you will make loads of random new friends :D
this year we are 18 people travelling together, its great fun to go out and dine together and have a good time, but nomatter what Ibiza is fun alone - with your spouse or with a gang of people....
Most years it is just me and my b/friend but we always know people who are going out there at the same time so meet up with them. Prefer it that was cos we can do our own thing and not waiting for others but there is option of meeting up and going out in a group if we want.
I always go with just my boyfriend and I love it and always have the best time - each year we go is a bit better than the year before! Ah bless!
I've always gone with just one other person - but now this year I'm gonna have to travel out on my own and meet a couple of mates there (bit nervous about doing this actually)