Will Sasha play Space on his birthday?!



I know he isnt on the line up, but does anyone think there is a chance he might play.

Im going to Ibiza that week and will see him at Pacha for the Rennaisance party, would be so good if he did play at space, always the highlight of my Ibiza experience!
I think he's just playing Pacha, although last year he did. I saw him at the airport waiting impatiently for his bags.
not that bothered that he's not playing space, was there last year for his birthday and really didn't enjoy his set atall - didn't think he was right for the terrace and think he would have been better inside.

plus diggers never even turned up....
I saw Sasha and Digweed when they played back to back on the terrace for Sasha’s birthday a couple of years ago. It was fantastic and the atmosphere was amazing all day. Lawler was on before S & D and really had the whole terrace going mental, then the minute S & D came on the atmosphere took a complete nose dive. It was as if no one could be bothered dancing and people began losing interest. I’ve never seen an atmosphere change so quickly in a club before.

I have nothing against prog and I can appreciate that S & D are brilliant at what they do (if you’re into that kind of music) but its really not for the terrace. It’s too dark for somewhere as happy as the terrace.

He did play xpander though, which was a bit of a moment and everyone singing happy birthday to him was a sight to see but other than that it was terrible. Keep it for the inside.